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The 5 Ways Schools Failed Us

This is a video on the 5 ways that public schools and the school system has failed us.

First the school system makes you take out a loan for continued education, so the first life lesson after High School is to get our kids into debilitating debt? A broke 18 year old can go into $200,000 or more in debt for college but will get denied by the bank for a $10,000 loan to start a business.

Second, the schools punish us for our failures. The reality is that there is no growth without failing, you don’t learn from success. Failure is the opportunity to try and try again but not from the beginning, but instead from the lessons you have learned along the way. You are starting again with experience and knowledge, you aren’t starting over, you aren’t getting flunked, if you don’t give up, you will eventually get an A plus.

Third thing we learn in the traditional school system is we should put our money in a bank account. Why aren’t we teaching kids the value of an investment instead of putting money in a bank account that earns 0.01% interest? Did you know it takes 7,200 years for your money to double in a savings account like that? Put it in an investment earning 12% and that doubles every 6 years. HUGE difference am I right? If you make $40,000 a year and invested 25% of that annual income at the 12%, you can grow that to around $9 million after 40 years.

Fourth, school tells us who to take advice from. We should listen to our superiors. I say it’s important to pay very close attention to who you are taking advice from.  If your teacher is driving a Toyota Camry making $50,000 a year and they are telling you how to get rich? You are doomed to one day also only being able to afford a used Toyota Camry making $50k a year if you’re lucky. Find a mentor who has achieved in their life what it is you want to achieve, and learn from them. As a self made millionaire how they did it, and follow that advice, follow that system, adapt their habits, and you will become that next millionarie.

Finally, the fifth way school’s failed us is it didn’t teach us about life. From grades first to twelfth we spend almost 13,000 hours in school and were never taught about the subjects of:

* Financial Literacy and how money works, the rules of money to win at the money game.

* Mental Health and how to deal with stress, how what happens to you doesn’t have to dictate how you act. 10% of life is what happens to you and 90% of life is how you react to it, your attitude towards it.

* Taxes and how the wealthy know what the 98% of other American’s don’t know. Tired of hearing about how the rich stay rich and avoid paying taxes? Wonder how they do it? Ignorance isn’t bliss and since you can’t beat them, join them.  By the way, politicians will never close these loopholes because they themselves use them for their own investments. 

* Time Management and how you can learn to control your week, give yourself an extra 14 hours to do whatever it is you want no matter how busy and out of control your weeks are otherwise.  How technology is a thief of time, attention, and focus.

* Acts of Kindness and the importance of giving back and altruism. If you donate 10% of your money to those in need, you will never need yourself.

These are things I wish I learned more about in school, instead I had to wait until I reached my 40’s to learn most of these things. I don’t hoard my knowledge, I’m here to help educate anyone, but you must be teachable and you open minded to accept the message.  Lessons and knowledge without action are both hopeless and meaningless.

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